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Sunday 23 June
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Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

Thanks to its volcanic origins and the Marine Protected Area, Ustica is acclaimed as the best scuba diving destination in the Mediterranean. Dive with us and discover the magnificence of the black pearl of the Mediterranean.

Orca Diving Ustica is located in the Marine Protected Area of Ustica in Sicily, 60 kilometres north of Palermo. The marine reserve of Ustica is the first one that has been created in Italy in 1986 and it is divided into three zones, two of these we can dive and the third is completely protected as a breeding area for marine fauna. Around the island of Ustica in Sicily, you’ll find 15 dive sites that will satisfy the preferences of each diver.

From the amazing abundance of life at Scoglio del Medico or Punta Galera, to the beautiful caves of Grotta della Pastizza and Zia Lisa; from the walls full of macro life of Falconiera, to the colourful gorgonias of Punta dell’Arpa; from the breath-taking canyons of Piramidi and Cala Giacone to the wreck surrounded by fish of Secca della Colombara - you will be amazed by the wide variety of scuba diving sites that Ustica has to offer!

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Immersioni | Isola di Ustica Sicilia | Orca Diving Ustica

Our diving centre is located on the port belvedere of Ustica, from here it takes less than a minute to reach the boats for the morning dive. We usually plan two dives in the morning (8 am and 11 am), the dive sites are chosen daily considering our divers’ experience, preferences and weather conditions. Our two roomy rigid inflatable boats, equipped for scuba diving, allow easy and quick access to all diving and snorkelling sites of the marine protected area of Ustica.

After meeting at the diving centre in the morning , you’ll be able to leave your personal belongings safely, before heading to the dock where you’ll set up and check your gear. Our team will take care of the loading and unloading of the gear, you don’t have to carry anything, you’re on holiday!

We leave for the first dive, after a short boat ride (max 15 minutes) to the dive site, you’ll receive a detailed briefing by your guide in either English, French, German or Italian.

The dive groups are small (1 to 5 divers, exceptionally 6) divided by level, experience and preferences. The dives are led by our accredited guides and normally last around 50 minutes.

Meet the team of Orca Diving Ustica

Between the morning dives you will come back to the dive shop of Orca Diving Ustica for the surface interval. We will gladly offer you various snacks, fresh fruits and cold/hot drinks for you to enjoy whilst chatting about the dives with other divers and our knowledgeable and friendly staff. After nearly two hours of surface interval, you’ll jump in for the second dive on a different site. Once back at the dock we will take care of rinsing your equipment.

The diving activities usually end around 1:00 pm, giving you the possibility to have lunch and explore Ustica in the afternoon, or go for a third dive around 3:00 pm, or a night dive in the evening.

Dive in Sicily with Orca Diving Ustica and discover the beauty of the first Marine Protected Area of Italy!

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and Orca Diving Ustica

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Snorkelling in Ustica

Swim in the crystal-clear waters of Sicily!

The beauty of the Ustica can already be observed from the surface; all you need is a mask, a snorkel and fins to start discovering the fantastic seabed full of life and colours! Orca Diving Ustica offers you the opportunity to explore by snorkelling several magnificent sites in the Marine Area Protected Marine Area of Ustica.

The snorkelling activity starts at the diving centre, where we will provide you with all the equipment you will need (mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit), then with our comfortable rigid inflatable boats we will reach one of the many beautiful sites of Ustica where you will be able to explore for about 1 hour. On the boat there will always be a supervisor on board to ensure your safety at all times. Back at the diving centre a refreshment of fresh fruit, snacks and hot or cold drinks will be waiting for you.

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Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

Dive sites in Ustica

Punta Galera | Orca Diving Ustica

One of the most popular diving itineraries in Ustica because of its relative simplicity suitable for divers of any level

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Scoglio del Medico | Orca Diving Ustica

The Scoglio del Medico, due to its variety and extent, offers several water routes and is considered the gem of scuba diving

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Secca della Colombara | Orca Diving Ustica

The Ustica wreck is a commercial ship that ran aground on the Secca della Colombara in 2005

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Grotta della Pastizza | Orca Diving Ustica

One of the most fascinating night diving spots where you can encounter so many varieties of species

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Punta Falconiera | Orca Diving Ustica

Punta Falconiera, due to its simplicity, is a favorite nighttime destination where you can appreciate biodiversity

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Punta San Paolo | Orca Diving Ustica

Fantastic colorful organisms and large predators hunting in the blue Mediterranean Sea

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Punta dell'Arpa | Orca Diving Ustica

A path through tunnels and creeks culminating in a red gorgonian forest at the southernmost end of the island

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Secca d'Africa | Orca Diving Ustica

Divers will follow the seabed surrounded by fantastic and impressive canyons and cliffs brimming with biodiversity

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Cala Giacone | Orca Diving Ustica

The perfect diving spot to discover the incredible variety offered by Italy's first Marine Protected Area

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Sutta a Za' Lisa | Orca Diving Ustica

A beautiful bay overlooking Sicily, a multitude of tunnels, caves and canyons all to explore

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Piramidi | Orca Diving Ustica

Stunning beams of light filter through the cracks in the rock and penetrate the darkness

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Grotta delle Cipree | Orca Diving Ustica

Eventually you will be able to ascend to resurface without using the nozzle thanks to three air bubbles

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Secchitello | Orca Diving Ustica

In the Secchitello dive, hundreds of fish coil in a silvery spiral among majestic red gorgonians

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Complesso dell’Accademia | Orca Diving Ustica

The Academia Cave, which gives its name to the complex, is very large and relatively easy to explore

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Grotta dei Gamberi | Orca Diving Ustica

In the darkness of the final part of the main cave, you can enjoy an incredible landscape with an explosion of life

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