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Friday 12 April
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Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

One of the most popular diving itineraries in Ustica because of its relative simplicity suitable for divers of any level


Lenght: 280 mt
Depth: 0 - 30 mt


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The bay, which is home to the Shrimp’s Cave, is full of tours suitable for divers of any level. Ideal for the training of Open Water Diver courses, the bay can also descend to over 40 meters depth. It is possible to see many fish, including groupers and shoals of sea breams.
Punta Galera is characterized by the presence of basaltic uniform rock and presents a notable structural complexity.
A rocky seabed, which extends throughout the area around the tip, creates a sort of wide belt in the direction of the open sea, that becomes thinner and thinner.
The dive begins inside the bay, on the right side of the belt and at a depth of about 3 meters.
The possible tours run between large rocks, pass under arches or inside the Altar Cave, otherwise known as Cave of the Shrimps 2, that has an entrance at 26 meters depth. In South - South/East direction, there is a vertical wall which precipitates to 12 meters depth, and is entirely covered with different kinds of algae, including the orange coral and the false coral.
Along the slope, you can find populations of mixed algae and large dense patches of posidonia. Within them there are many combers and painted combers (sciarrani), which find their ideal habitat. Continuing, you may encounter large species of groupers on a background characterized by blotched picarels and bogues, that provide a spectacular “sparkle effect”.
It is very common to observe, often in mid-water, also dense shoals of bream, while large amberjacka and snappers rarely make an appearance.
Remembering to properly carry out the mandatory safety stop and any deco stops, we will slowly go upwards towards the boat.

Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

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