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Sunday 03 March
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Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

In the Secchitello dive, hundreds of fish coil in a silvery spiral among majestic red gorgonians


Lenght: 250 mt
Depth: 0 - 55 mt


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A dive in Ustica among clouds of barracuda, majestic amberjacks and gorgonians as far as the eye can see, Secchitello will enchant all divers capable of tackling its spectacular descent into the blue.

Located less than 500 metres south of Punta dell'Arpa, Secchitello is one of the most challenging dive spots in Ustica, since the shallowest point of the shoal is at a depth of about 24 metres and is in an area frequently subject to underwater currents.

The depth of the broad seamount varies from 24 to 30 metres, above which it is immediately possible to admire gigantic shoals of barracuda swimming in the blue and numerous groupers. Swimming to the west of the cap, the shoal begins to sink to more than 40 metres, in a spectacular scenery consisting, to the right, of several large boulders rising from the seabed and, to the left, of the wall of the cap. Along the entire slope, barracudas continue to be present and huge colonies of yellow and red gorgonians can be admired, and above them, the fascinating gorgonian stars (Astrospartus mediterraneus). In addition to the gorgonians, the walls of the rocks are home to numerous alcyonarians (Alcionium acaule), large scorpion fish, sinuous moray eels, rare melon urchins and, a little deeper, some majestic branches of false black coral (Gerardia savaglia), incredible colonies that can survive for about 3000 years. Returning towards the top part, shy snappers can be spotted and it is not uncommon to encounter schools of sumptuous amberjacks which, intrigued by the presence of divers, approach them, providing unforgettable diving experiences.

Finally, as you head up into the blue towards the boat, you can observe various planktonic organisms, including the Mnemiopsis (Mnemiopsis leidyi), salps (Salpa maxima) and venus girdles (Cestum veneris).

Secchitello is one of the most challenging dives in Ustica, but anyone able to tackle it will be captivated by the beauty of its seabed and the abundance of fish!

Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

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