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Scoglio del Medico

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Friday 12 April
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Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

The Scoglio del Medico, due to its variety and extent, offers several water routes and is considered the gem of scuba diving


Lenght: 300 mt
Depth: 0 - 30 mt


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The western part of the island is dominated by the legendary Scoglio del Medico (literally “The Rock of the Doctor”), dive destination of the most famous scuba divers in the world. 
To fully visit the site, we would require five or six dives. The Scoglio del Medico is crossed, for its entire length of about 70 meters, from an underwater tunnel at a 20 meters depth.

This tunnel is at least 40 meters wide and is sufficiently illuminated, because of two openings on the sides, and provides wonderful light reflections.
The tunnel has an elongated shape and very few areas of complete darkness. On the top, the tunnel is covered by the stony sponge, orange corals, anemones and bryozoans like the false coral and the Reteporella grimaldii.
Throughout the length of the dive and especially on the most western side, even at few meters depth, meeting large groupers and Mediterranean barracudas is almost guaranteed.
From this point, we proceed towards a small canyon 60 meters long, where large groups of sea breams found their home.
It is not unusual to see amberjacks and other fish of the carangidae family.
During the summer we can admire the productive behavior of many brown groupers of considerable sizes.
Coasting a vertical wall, we will return to the starting point where, after the safety stop, we rise to the surface.
For the less advanced levels, it is more suitable to dive in the area looking the island and at a depth of no more than 30 meters deep.

Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

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