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Secca della Colombara

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Monday 04 March
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Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

The Ustica wreck is a commercial ship that ran aground on the Secca della Colombara in 2005


Length: 350 mt
Depth: 0 - 30 mt


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The shoal stretches off the northeastern coast of the island and starts at about 3 meters depth. Heading north/west, at an approximate depth of 10 meters, we will come across a wall sloping down to 30 meters.
Leaving the wall behind, we will come across the "wreck of Ustica”: a commercial ship that capsized and sank in 2005 after striking the Colombara Shoal.

This dive is extremely appreciated by fish lovers. In fact, it is very common to see large groups of groupers, amberjacks, snappers, lobsters and Mediterranean barracudas swimming in spiral. Even the sparidae family is very well represented in this corner of marine heaven with the presence of a large number of sea breams. 
There is also no shortage of red gorgonians that open their fans along the wall at a 35 meters depth and on a small rocky shoal called "panettone" based on the seabed.

Continuing your dive in direction west - north/west over the plateau, you will find yourself in free water in front of an amazing vertical wall. This portion of the Colombara Shoal hosts orange sea corals, named Astroides, that, in contrast with the dark blue of the deep water, offer a breathtaking experience.

Remaining at a 25 meters depth and coasting the wall you can find a large number of animal and plant species. In fact, it is possible to observe a rich community of betony constituted of algae and other plants. Looking carefully inside the holes it is possible to observe moray eels and other solitary fish.

Starting the ascent towards east and then deviating towards south, it is possible to make the security stop and (if needed) the deco stop in company of large groups of dreamfish that graze among population of algae.

Orca Diving Ustica | Immersioni e corsi PADI a Ustica Sicilia

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